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In today’s tech-driven world, digitalization has become the compass guiding industries toward innovation and growth. Africa’s tourism sector stands poised for this transformation and is harnessing digitalization to unlock its fullest potential.

It is well known that customers have wanted change for a long time, whether via improved experience, convenience, personalization, or a user-centric interface from which to accomplish all their travel needs in one go.

According to the Travel Tech company Amadeus, the average traveller performs over 50 searches online, makes 38 site visits, reads a dozen reviews, researches for 15 weeks, and does not have a particular destination in mind when they start looking.

We have launched Ojimah to meet the need for a user-centric interface where travellers from all over the world can accomplish their travel needs in one go! A need that to this point has not been adequately met.

Through our platform, we are committed to promoting local businesses, especially in Africa, to ensure that as much of the tourism spend as possible remains in country thereby reducing economic leakage.